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Jose was amazing! I needed my thermostat replaced. He was quick, efficient and knew exactly what he was doing. I couldn’t ask for better service. I would highly recommend Jose to any one needing A/C service. ~ Christine J. Vista

Stillman Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. Has been Proudly Servicing North County San Diego Since 1969. As one of the oldest and most trusted names in this beautiful city, Our Mission Is Simply to Continue Being The Most Trusted Heating and Air Conditioning Company of San Diego. We believe in Creating Long Lasting Relationships with Every Single Client we Have The Pleasure of Interacting With. We strive to Educate Our Clients on Preventative Measures to Avoid Over-Payment of Utilities as well as Help Avoid Costly and Unnecessary Repairs. We Believe in Truly Earning Our Business, Fair Market Pricing, Peace of Mind for All, and Doing the Right Thing. Give us the Opportunity to Show You How Business Used to be in the Good Ol’ Days and Without a Doubt, You Will Become Another Valued Member of the Growing Stillman Family.

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A little about our team at Stillman Heating, Jim Sherlock has been in the HVAC business since 1976. He started out working for Stillman Heating and Air, Jim and Barbara bought the business in 1995, has continued with many of the previous customers, and has grown the business with the help of many of those customers word of mouth. Stillman Heating has a great team, all employees have the same goal to provide the best service possible, with applied personal values and integrity. Our values are simple, do it right and do it honest. Having a happy and satisfied customer is what we strive for.

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Indoor Air Quality

Air Cleaning Systems, as homes become more energy-efficient, they are also becoming more susceptible to indoor air pollutants, due to the limited exchange of indoor air and fresh outdoor air. Failure to eliminate indoor air pollutants can cause flu-like symptoms such as headaches, and respiratory irritation, as well as aggravation of asthma and allergy conditions. The smallest dust particles that can cause the most irritation can only be removed with filtering devices. We can identify the important issues and provide a solution tailored to your specific need.

Air Purification systems can be stand-alone items or paired with air filtration units to address three distinct types of pollutants in the home – dust particles, microbes and toxic chemicals.

Going Green

Almost half of all energy you use at home is used by your climate control systems. Your system has to work exponentially harder if its air ducts or coils are dirty.

It is important to properly maintain your climate control systems with regular maintenance. This can help you increase energy efficiency while cutting back on your energy costs. Out of all of the ways you can go green while at home, a very simple and affordable way to do this is with a quick tune-up. We recommend tune-ups twice a year – in the spring, and in the fall.

We have been using “environmentally sound” refrigerant (PURON) since its inception. R-22 can no longer be used as of January 2010. So upgrading to a more efficient system, you can protect yourself from potentially higher cost of servicing your air conditioner or heating unit that uses R-22. There are many programs with rebates such as California Cash for Appliances, which has expanded to HVAC systems. Call for details or go to www.cash4appliances.org.

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